Tonight’s the night?

Tonight’s the night?
20 Oct 2018

It is a gorgeous Saturday morning on the edge of the Sea of Cortez. In the rising tide, I see swirling clouds of bait fish and the occasional pelican dive-bombing the dark masses in the hope of a fresh sushi breakfast. Beyond the shallows, the low sun has created a glistening effect on the light chop occasionally pieced by the dark dorsal fins of large pods of bottle-nosed dolphins.

This morning the dolphins, who follow the tides and the bait balls, amused themselves by playing with the adventurers on their kayaks and stand up paddle boards taking advantage of the flat calm morning slack. They like to circle and jump near these visitors to their aquatic world–occasionally swamping a kayak or sending a paddleboarder into the water.

It is entertaining to watch through binoculars from my 7th floor patio. It must be exhilarating for those on the boards and the boats. Experiences, like swimming with the dolphins, that in the first world cost hundreds of dollars can be had here at the low price of a cup of coffee and an hour’s less sleep.

I am itching to take my little 18 foot Spindrift day sailor out in this pristine, perfect weather. I have a new lure on my fishing pole and a new motor to putter along with Flipper and his friends. I am looking out on a day of ocean adventure ready to be experienced.

That’s what’s in front of me.

She calls….

Unfortunately when I turn around, the reality of this complicated Saturday stare me back.  The work crew is here replacing the rotten ducting and the collapsed ceiling in my hallway. They started yesterday by pulling out the old conduit and the rest of the rotten ceiling and taking care of the cuccarachas between floors. Unfortunately it seems like they’ve forgotten to connect one of the existing vents to the guest bathroom.  I’m waiting for the maintenance supervisor to come by so I can point out the oversight before they cover it with new sheetrock.

After all, we all know how important it is to have fresh air in a bathroom–a match only goes so far in life…..

My ankle is sore today but I’m in my gym gear since yesterday’s dramas prevented me from getting there. Our old girl Foxy is fighting kidney failure and hadn’t eaten in several days. Sheryl took her to the vet yesterday afternoon and we were sad to learn that she’s dropped 4 lbs in a month (10 percent of her body weight) and her numbers have declined since she was there a month ago.

(In case you are wondering, we have an amazing vet here in Penasco. Comparable to any in the states, compassionate, and very thorough. At one quarter the cost…)

We both went to the vet at 630 hoping to collect our goldendoodle but the vet sat us down and explained, in Spanish with a translator, that her creatinine and protein levels were out of control. They had her on intensive IV therapy but she had a seizure while she was there. It was heartbreaking to watch the video of it from her kennel….

Fortunately by then they’d had it under control and she was resting comfortably on pain meds. So we’re in a waiting game. I’m going back to the vet at 2. We’ll make the tough call if we have to but I’m praying she’s back to her happy-too-licky self…..Any positive energy sent her way would be deeply appreciated….

Since the kitchen has an inch of white plaster dust from the destruction in the hallway, we went next door for food and got home around 900 after seeing the vet. Then, I fell into a restless, dreamy sleep on the patio couch shortly thereafter.

Normally I don’t remember my dreams, but these were vivid. I was a fighter pilot living in Aspen. I had to ski downhill to work jumping over trees and logs to get to my plane. When I got back from flying I was bone weary tired and needed to sleep. But a naked, middle aged Rod Stewart was in my bed singing “Tonight’s the Night!” I kept saying “Get out! Get out!” and pushed him with my feet out the end of the bed for what seemed like hours.  The last thing I remember was a very erect Rod standing at the door of the bedroom saying “So Long Baby!”

Then I woke up in a cold sweat to 530AM morning twilight….No, last night was NOT the night….

A new ceiling today?






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