Eat, Drink, Stink

Eat, Drink, Stink
27 Jul 2019

Or so says the saying on this year’s Gilroy Garlic Festival tee-shirts….

Tonight I find myself in my cozy, comfortable travel trailer at an RV park cum gas station cum wine bar cum 24-hour cafe called Casa De Fruta in Hollister, California. I’m about 15 miles from Gilroy,  50 miles south of San Francisco, 650 miles northwest of Phoenix and 300 or so miles from Ontario where I’ll spend the night tomorrow.

You’re probably wondering why I’m here in a 27 foot Heartland Mallard camper instead of Somewhere South on a 44-foot sailing catamaran….

You’re not alone–I ask myself that every day…

On paper, at least, it looks like this:

  1. Sold the big boat in January to pay off bills and clear credit card debt.
  2. Started a boat building company. Quit my lucrative and secure software PM job. Started consulting again because there are still bills…
  3. Worked from Mexico for a few months and finally got stir crazy enough in May to buy another boat in Florida to flip in October at the Annapolis Boat Show. Justin thought it was a shitbox, I thought “the bones were good.”
  4. 3 days after signing a contract on the boat got into ANOTHER near-fatal accident in Mexico (this time Dune Buggies, not Speed Boats!). Saved my brother’s life (and his arm) in my underwear (thank god they were new!) 2 days before I was supposed to pick up the new catamaran on Marathon in the Keys.
  6. Went back to my shrink….
  7. Spent 2 months going back and forth between Mexico and Arizona to help out our friend while the arm heals.
  8. Decided I needed a “semi-permanent” home near Phoenix because I couldn’t sleep in Mexico thanks to those pesky flashbacks…
  9. Bought a trailer at Camping World and learned what to do when “the shitter’s full” as Eddy would say…
  10. Air Con went out on the Nissan–had to buy an honest-to-god-you’ ve-got-to-be-shitting-me F150 to tow the new camper I now own a pickup truck. With heated seats….
  11. Still couldn’t sleep at home in my own bed.
  12. Went Walkabout errr Camp About????



Tonight I really don’t know the answer to that question. Except to say, I’m southbound again down the 5 and the 10 to Phoenix to be there for my best friend as he endures his next traumatic surgery on Monday. I have witnessed the power of prayer these last few months and I have found that my new, if not fragile, faith has provided a sense of hope in very dark times. I am wishfully anticipating, and asking Him for a successful operation and a fast recovery. My Godson needs his dad and I need my brother to recover as quickly as possible…..

Those of you who’ve read this blog from this beginning know that I am most open in these postings and that they provide a glimpse into where my head is at on a given day. Tonight I’m tired and full–too much wine and pasta pesto at the Garlic Festival. Next door, I hear a family with little ones playing Zombie Chase around the fire. That’s good–kids should be running around on a warm summer Friday evening…

There will be more posts coming but tonight I’ll leave you with one thought I’ve had as I’ve traveled through the Pacific Northwest this month: America is still around (despite our media outlets telling us otherwise).

I’ve seen families barbecue, kids ride bikes through campgrounds and make sandcastles, young couples hiking trails hand in hand, and retired folks sitting in their chairs (usually outside their 40-foot motorhome) watching their sunset…

But I’ve also seen young lost people on the side of the road hitchhiking with nowhere to go, veterans standing outside the VA waiting to be let in, and mentally ill adults wandering the streets lost in their own minds.

I guess I went to look for America and I’ve found it quite a bit so far…

More tomorrow…






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